Lucky7 rebuild project : photo diary

A rebuild project undertaken for fun. Parts replaced:-

Everything on this bike has been dis-assembled, checked/fixed/greased and re-assembled : we have quite a bit of experience with mini moto's.

This bike has been set up with a complete beginner in mind : silver clutch springs (so throttle action is very progressive), brakes set up so minimal force is required to stop the bike (and the action is also very progressive). An ideal starter bike and way into the hobby/sport.

As it was bought

Badly painted head ! (paint removed)

Nice smooth cylinder inside, good compression

Paint removal started

Engine stripped, checked and re-assembled

Headstock riding on frame and missing the nut !

Coil kill switch 'wiring' and missing lead

All rebuilt, ready to run

Exhaust stripped and polished up


Wheels stripped

Kill switch re-wired

Frame sprayed

Started third pull ! B-)

New clothes

Weak point reinforced with fibreglass


Chain alignment sorted

With anchors

Chain cleaned and lubed

Given a good shake down